Weekend Warriors

Pursuing sport and movement as part of an already busy life is a feat in and of itself. Weekend Warriors are not for weekends only. This is a daily lifestyle and deserves the same attention and focus as any other athlete. It is a sacrifice and one that should come with many rewards

The Next Generation Athlete has created programs in consideration of the limitations and obstacles involved. Every moment dedicated must be utilized to the greatest capacity. There is no room for following old ways or even new ways, for that matter that are not optimal for the individual. Movement, diet, recovery and mindset must be precise and effective. Our program eliminates cookie cutter, blanket statements and helps to create individualized strategies. We cover food, supplementation, technology, gut health, genetics/epigenetics, mental and emotional health and more to help establish a truly one size fits one solution.

What is being done for sport should not be endangering any other element of life. Science and technology have come so far in our favor it is time to see improved performance in every area. The ability to know what to utilize is a key component to excelling. These programs offer in detail what is available, how and why it is efficacious and how to determine if the medical tests, recovery technology and nutritional plan is in line with your goal and budget.

There is no reason to guess how you can win at life and win at sport. Having advanced information under your belt and knowing how to apply it is the competitors advantage. Peak performance, longevity and overall wellbeing is your prize to claim.