Professional and Elite Athletes

At an elite level, implementing new strategies to capture even marginal improvement is the name of the game. With a multitude of variables to increasing speed, endurance, power, reaction time and recovery time an athlete could spend their whole career chipping away at it and still not see their full potential.

The Next Generation Athlete has made it the mission to move professionals into optimal performance as quickly as possible. Removing the junk information and old science and replacing it with emerging technology and data while navigating the precise needs of the individual through genetics, epigenetics, advanced labs and more is the only way athletes can remain competitive, balanced and healthy long term.

An athlete relies heavily on the coaching team around them. It is imperative that they have full confidence in them to offer critical advise, tailored to them in every element of life that affects their career. This is far more than macros, basic recovery, physical training and mechanics. To become the greatest, an athlete and coaching team must be analyzing and considering everything at a microscopic level.

The Next Generation Athlete exists to fill the gap. Ensuring that every athlete has the support around them to progressively and aggressively move the needle. We equip you and your team with information, protocols, resources and technology in a way that has never been done before.

In addition to the demands of career, it is a mistake to neglect the additional needs of professional athletes. Work life balance, personal branding and long term career strategies should not be left on the back burner. Ensuring success in these areas will only add to the improvements made athletically. The Next Generation has built out entire systems and resources for these areas as well as a commitment to holistic solutions.