The ability to lead, encourage, strategize, implement and grow requires athleticism of a unique and special kind. High performers place quite the demand on the body physically, mentally and emotionally to a great extent. The business athlete is often times the first to dismiss the resources commonly utilized by elite athletes even though putting them in play offers a significant and quantifiable improvement in their career.

The Next Generation Athlete understands the Business Athlete’s needs and has developed programs that will contribute to increased energy, memory, retention, focus, resilience and stress reduction. The programs also consider physical wellness, immune system modulation and sleep performance. Preparing for a business day like an athlete would prepare for game day is an effective strategy across the board.

Sitting is the new smoking and recently the World Health Organization named shift working as a carcinogen. Addressing these components of work life is a necessary component and with science readily evolving there is much that can be done to improve the adverse health effects office work can cause. Precision nutrition, biomarkers, movement programs and advanced supplementation are just some of the ways this is addressed.

Considering the basics plus food and beverage at business meetings, entertaining clients, traveling across time zones, jet lag, hotel rooms and environmental toxins, The Next Generation Athlete has developed a catch all solution for executives and their employees to maximize performance, improve work life balance and achieve limitless potential, an invaluable ROI.